SEL Academy

  What is the SEL Academy?

The SEL Academy presented by Prime Time Palm Beach County is an innovative eight-part professional learning series designed to build social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies of professionals working with children and youth.

The purpose is to create a climate and culture whereby youth thrive socially and emotionally, are able to apply SEL tools to be resilient, succeed in academic and extracurricular endeavors, and are skilled in building positive and empathetic relationships. To this end, participants in the academy learn to:

  1. cultivate intra- and inter-personal adult SEL skills through experiential and reflective practices so that they model SEL skills to coworkers and youth, while building positive empathetic relationships,
  2. teach explicit curricula tools during a daily meeting or dedicated SEL time, and
  3. integrate signature SEL practices, restorative circles, equity and inclusion practices, and culturally responsive strategies across activities and in daily interaction with youth.

Training content themes include self-awareness, implicit bias awareness, neuroscience, self-regulation and self-care, trauma and resilience, growth mindset, empathy and compassion, team-building, and conflict resolution.

All virtual will take place via Zoom. A Zoom link will be provided after you have registered.
All trainings will take place from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Foundations in SEL I Tuesday January 12, 2021  REGISTER
Foundations in SEL II Tuesday January 19, 2021  REGISTER
SEL III – The Art of Social Connection Tuesday January 26, 2021  REGISTER
SEL IV – Responding to Trauma and Reactivity Tuesday February 9, 2021  REGISTER
SEL V – Building Resilience and Self-Care Tuesday February 16, 2021  REGISTER
SEL VI – Empathetic Communication, Strong Relationships.     Tuesday February 23, 2021 REGISTER
SEL VII – Building a Culture of Compassion and Equity Tuesday March 2, 2021  REGISTER
SEL VIII – A Second Step Ahead Tuesday March 9, 2021  REGISTER