SEL 101 and Afternoon Meeting (an OST Training)

In this training, participants develop a foundational understanding of the benefits of SEL in their personal lives and in the lives of peers and youth. We focus on the power of dedicated community-building time and explicitly teaching social and emotional skills in an Afternoon Meeting. Participants practice each component, learn to utilize resources and share best practices across teams to effectively deliver the Afternoon Meeting in out of school time contexts.

Core Competencies Addressed: 

CKA- Child/Youth Growth and Development

1C: Use Developmental Knowledge to Create Healthy, Respectful, Supportive and Challenging Environments- Entry level and level 1

Primary QIS Scales Addressed

Supportive Environment: II-L.: Manage Feelings Interaction: III-M: Sense of Belonging

Training Objectives

  1. Define social and emotional learning (SEL) and why SEL is important for youth and adults
  2. Reflect on the importance of adult practice, explicit instruction and integration for effective SEL implementation
  3. Explore and practice the components of Afternoon Meeting
  4. Plan next steps for implementation of Afternoon Meeting in out-of-school time

Training Outcomes

  1. Explain “Social and Emotional Learning” and relate to personal experiences
  2. Name three benefits of why SEL is important for adults and/or children
  3. Deliver an Afternoon Meeting Greeting and Sharing using tools provides