PSELI Convening: Pre-Work, Accommodation and Logistics Information

To help you prepare for the upcoming convening for the Partnership for Social and Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI) in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort on November 13–15, please find an updated agenda in Guidebook.


When you arrive to the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, you will need to check in at the registration desk to pick up your participant materials. As part of your participant materials, we will give you a “Topical Breakout and Community Sessions” handout that will be your guide as to what sessions you will attend throughout the convening. You were assigned certain sessions based on your preferences on the breakout session sign-up survey.

When you check-in, you need to sign up for the World Cafe sessions happening on Thursday. There will be sign-up sheets available at the registration desk.

We will be using Guidebook to share information, details, agendas and to facilitate connection at the PSELI Convening. This is a free app, available through your mobile device or laptop. We ask that you download the app prior to your arrival. If you have difficulty, please ask at the registration desk.

From your laptop:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Find a Guide” in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Take the extra step to “Enter a passphrase instead” (small link below the “type to search guides”)
  4. Enter this passphrase: pseli2

Or from your mobile device:

  1. Download Guidebook from your preferred app store (it’s free!)
  2. Click to “Enter a Passphrase”
  3. Use: pseli2

When you log in to Guidebook, you will find the photo you uploaded during registration attached to your name in the directory. Any and all photos or other information you uploaded through the registration form only appear on Guidebook for convening participants and not on the internet in general.


Watch the following videos which provide background information on PSELI:


You should also read the PSELI site-level FAQs.


What To Bring

Your laptop. Copies of reports will be provided, but in light of the data activities outlined above, it would also be helpful to bring:

  • Your personal copy of your site-level formative feedback report, with notes and reflections
  • A copy of your site team’s completed Scavenger Hunt exercise and any additional insights gained from your site-level data exploration (Zoom) session the week of Nov. 5
  • Any preliminary thoughts on how your reflections and insights might translate into changes you want to make to your site-level Goal Tree


Ground Transportation

Participants are responsible for getting to and from the Scottsdale Plaza Resort. It is approximately 25 minutes from the Phoenix Airport to the Scottsdale Plaza Resort. Please utilize a taxi or ride-sharing service to get to and from the hotel. If you need any assistance for departures, please contact the bell desk at the hotel; we recommend scheduling rides at least 2 hours prior to your flight. For larger groups we suggest booking with Super Shuttle.



Participants are responsible for their own accommodations. Each attendee will need to provide a credit card at check in to cover incidentals only. Please note that if your reservation was made by someone else, the credit card holding the reservation must be present at check in to cover all costs unless a credit card authorization form was submitted prior.


Dress Code
Dress code for the convening is business casual, and jeans are allowed. We will make use of outdoor space; please dress for temperatures in the 50s and 70s.


Meals during the convening will be covered by the Wallace Foundation except for your dinner on Wednesday, November 14, which is covered by your community’s Wallace grant funding. Please consult with your team leads regarding dinner plans and reimbursement procedures, if necessary.


If you have any questions, Tosha Webb ( and Christian Crouse ( are able to help!

Get Social with Guidebook and Win! 

#PSELIPBC #PSELIPalmBeachCounty #SEL7to7

There will be lots of ways to connect and get social at the Scottsdale convening — photo booths, video, streaming informal interviews, and more! All this will be available through Guidebook, a mobile app that hosts convening information (e.g., agenda, session materials, and a resort floor plan).


In addition, there is an Interact feature so we can share questions, reflections and photos in real time. This private, closed-circuit social media channel is solely for convening participants to post what you’re seeing and hearing at this event.


And finally, look for our roving social media expert/photographer, Stephanie, who will be capturing comments and visuals on site. (If you’re not comfortable with photography, please let us know when you register and pick up your badge).


To get started, we encourage everyone to download Guidebook and set up an account. Then, click on the “Find Guides” tab.  Because our Guidebook is private, you’ll need to go to the “Have a Passphrase?” tab and type in “pseli2.”   And, to add a little incentive to start posting early…


Post and Win a Prize!

You won’t find a lot of social content on Guidebook yet, but we encourage you to start posting even before you go. In that spirit, we’re offering some Visa gift card (good to use anywhere) incentives:


  • $25 card to first four people (different accounts) to list one thing they hope to learn at the convening
  • $50 card to the person that can spark the most comments and likes on their thread prior to start of the convening registration (1PM on Tuesday, November 13)
  • $100 card to the first person to post a photo of two or more team members watching the Wallace or PSELI informational videos before heading to Scottsdale