Kudos to Diamond View

December 2018

A special shout out to Diamond View Elementary for touching base as an SEL team while incorporating SEL practices such as the welcoming ritual and optimistic closure.

Diamond View staff who attended the Scottsdale PSELI convening created a presentation to debrief other members of their team. This is a great tool not only for sharing information, but also for promoting team-building and positive climate.

We appreciate your commitment to PSELI, keep up the excellent work!

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November 2018

SEL Specialists Lauren Peragine and Knellee Bisram were so proud to see the amazing job that Afterschool Practitioner Nikole Koch did in the afternoon meeting session – from her advance preparation, consistency redirecting behavior and engaging youth, to internalizing and modeling the Responsive Classroom approach.

In the adult SEL coaching and debrief segment, Nikole shared her own internal dialogue and demonstrated her adult SEL skills to be self-aware and to self-regulate as she managed her competing priorities and the varying needs of her children in the session. All the youth were smiling, honest and respectful of Nikole. See pictures of her board (right).

“I thought to myself, this is why we do what we do.” – Knellee Bisram, SEL Specialist, Prime Time Palm Beach County

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